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Bridge 2.jpg

Network Bridge

The Network Bridge is the brains of the entire system. It uses low frequency radio waves to communicate to the rest of the system!

Light Spool.jpg

Infinity Lights

Meet the face of Infinity Lighting. Invisible during the day & shine their brightest at night!



Y-Splits can be inserted at any point to carry the lights on in two directions or make a jump from one section to another without losing power!


Unlit Wire

Use our Unlit Wire when jumping from a gutter to a peak or to connect any section to another!

Wireless Receiver copy.jpg

Wireless Receiver

The Wireless Receiver connects directly to the lights and tells them what to do by receiving a low frequency radio signal from the Network Bridge.

Layout Tape.jpg

Layout Tape

The layout tape was designed to make every install a little easier. Use this to drill through the bullseyes & position your lights perfectly!

Data Buffer.jpg

Data Buffer

A data buffer ensures that our signal is strong no matter the size of the install. Use one of these before longer jumps of wire to send a strong signal.


Drill Bit

This Drill Bit was designed specifically for an Infinity Lighting install. It's the perfect size for our lights and caps to fit & will ensure a smooth installation!


Power Booster

This part of the system sends additional power to keep our Infinity Lighting colors consistent & bright! You'll need one of these every 75 feet of an installation.

Caps Scale-01.jpg


These light caps allow our Inifnity Lights to stay hidden during the day in any installation. Match the light caps to existing gutter, drip edge or channel.



If gutters and drip edge are not present, or you simply prefer the channel approach, there are multiple color options to make the transition unnoticeable!


Butt Splices

Connect your lights to the next string or run an unlit section.

One Time Installation, Infinite Possibilities

Permanent, year round lights, that provide bright, beautiful, and easily customizable lighting for homes and businesses.

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